I am a photographer and I shoot all the time. I am always doing cool projects. I have 2 people that shoot for me and one person that edits at work. This website is dedicated to my photography.

Twitter: @MarksGonePublic
Instagram: MarksGonePublic
email: businesshub@shaw.ca

I have over 45,000 images on flickr and get around 2000 to 5000 views a day.
I may shoot 1000 images and upload a 100 to flickr with keywords. I call this my cutting room floor. I post images on flickr so I can find them based on keywords. When I find an images I want then I go to the folder of all the originals. I love making images with many images and I like to use only my images. So if I need an images for a composite I go picking in my flickr archive.

My Gear
Me going through my Nikon gear

I am a member of the Nikon Professional Services (NPS) at Nikon.

Nikon NPS

Mark Teasdale Nikon NPS