Nikon D3 Shutter Replacement

Nikon D3 Shutter Replacement (Nikon Canada)

2016 is NOT a good year for the Nikon D3 Shutter Replacement. I saw a Nikon D3 on Craigslist for $750 with 320k. I figure I would buy it and replace the inner workings and use my NPS membership to get 20% off the servicing. I was going to offer $500 and figure a $500 Nikon make over would do the job. With the labor of my time and send the camera from Vancouver to Toronto to do the work that would be worth $200. So I would get refurbished D3 at the end of the day for $1200 ish. This is not how it played out.

I found the Nikon D3 Shutter Replacement was not possible by Nikon or anywhere else because as Nikon puts it “parts have been discontinued by Nikon Japan due to the age of the product”
Here is a list of the products Nikon will service.

Been as the Nikon D3 cannot get any work done on it I did not buy the second hand Nikon D3.

Nikons says
“We do not provide repairs on products whose parts have been discontinued such as the D3. The D3s will be a serviceable item until approximately June 2018.”

Nikon D3s Shutter Replacement

I have a Nikon D3s and see that this model not discontinued as of Feb 21, 2016. I think good I will do some maintenance on it like I do on my car. The Nikon D3s has 230,000 shutters and the rated for 300,000. DSLR Life Expectancy I figure will go in and get the shutter mechanicals replaced while I still can. At around 100,000 shutters I was shooting black frames and Nikon fixed it for $500. I had no idea what they fixed because the $500 was for them to do a good once over of the body to correct any issues.
I found this excellent post detailing what items I want replaced.

So I wanted to send in my working Nikon D3s to get all the mirror-box mechanicals replaced in one trip. I figure the $500 would do it like before. Now Nikons says “in this case the next pricing range will have to be considered ($749.99 plus taxes).” $749.99 is a lot of money to put into a Nikon D3s that could get discontinued any day now. Event if I do all those changes I could add to problems I did not have before to a discontinued Nikon D3s body.

I read a Nikon D4 got a shutter replacement for $326

Nikon Controlling ALL Repairs as of 2012

How Nikon is Killing Camera Repair

Nikon has taken control over all repairs as of 2012. I can’t go to my local shop to keep my Pro Nikon Body going. After 6 years a PRO Nikon body is worthless and it seems Nikon is pushing this direction and forcing consumers to purchase new equipment.

I don’t think I will pay $750 (Plus Tax)  for the work on my Nikon D3s because next week it maybe discontinued and Nikon will not be willing to work on it. That $750 turns into around $1000 ish after taxes and shipping. To put $1000 into a working Nikon D3s does not make senses.

The D3s will not be discontinued until June 2018.
“The D3s will be a serviceable item until approximately June 2018.”
It looks like Nikon D3s was released in 2010 making the Nikon D3s having a life span of around 8 years if you get it as soon as it comes out. For me it was 6 years.

Nikon D5 replacement $6499.99 after tax $7279.99
Life time of 6 years before discontinued estimate.

$7279.99 / 6 years = $1213.33 per year
$1,213.33 / 365 days = $3.32 per day
Then discontinued and parts can’t be found.

Nikons Discontinue Grave Yard

NPS Nikon D3 Shutter Replacement

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