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Nine OClock Gun in Stanley Park Vancouver

Nine OClock Gun

I met Marcel Pepin a Vancouver photographer last weekend. He showed me a Nine OClock Gun picture from Stanley Park he had taken from the fall. I told him the next time I see him I will get one like it. The problem is I have to wait until the fall.

Tonight I went out to see if my setting would be right for this cannon. I parked too far away to get there in time. As soon as I got there I dropped my gear looked at the time and it was 8:57PM. I had the wrong lens on but never had time to mess around I dialed in the settings. Put my hand on my tripod and the lights started going off warning the cannon is about to go off. I put the tripod down and mounted the camera. Took a picture and too dark. Did another setting and focus test red light is on to say it is going off. BOOM it goes as I took these with a 70-200mm too close. Good for the first try. Now I need to go back with the right lens and more time of year to get the city in the right light.

Multiple frame of the canon going off seen on my flickr page

For more information on the 9’OClock Gun

Photoshop and Lightroom are used to create the image below.
Layer 1 City in focus
Layer 2 Canon in focus with shot

Nine OClock Gun

Nine OClock Gun